We help the world’s top companies solve their marketing problems.

  • Airbnb

    Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences at any price point. We helped people find them.

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  • NBC

    Neil Patel makes marketing delightful and simple. That’s the way it should be.
  • Facebook

    Companies spend billions of dollars on ads, but they don’t know how to optimize their campaigns. We worked with Facebook to educate their top advertisers.

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  • Intel

    The Neil Patel team did an amazing job at helping us grow our brand with a new audience.
  • American Greetings

    American Greetings creates laughter, happiness, and love through greeting cards. We helped them bring that experience online through social media marketing.

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    American Greetings

  • Google

    We love working with Neil Patel. They are amazing at creating and marketing content.
  • Intuit

    Intuit empowers small and medium businesses through their software suite. We helped place their products in front of their target customers.

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  • Microsoft

    When you are a large company, it’s not easy to keep growing. The Neil Patel team did an amazing job at converting more of our visitors into customers.
  • Thomson Reuters

    Lawyers have a hard time finding the right clients. Thomson Reuters wanted to make it easy for them to find work. We brought people seeking legal help to their site.

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    Thomson Reuters

  • HP

    If you want a successful product launch, talk with Neil Patel.
  • General Motors

    General Motors doesn’t just sell cars, they are also in the insurance and loan business. But very few people know that. We helped fix it by generating more traffic and leads for them.

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    General Motors

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We tend to work with companies in 3 ways

  • Digital marketing consulting


    Are you looking for a team to come in to solve your marketing problems and help you grow? Plug us into your company, and we’ll help you generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

  • Workshops and training

    Workshops and training

    Our workshops aim to teach businesses how to market like we do. They focus on cutting edge marketing tactics and are tailored to your business so you can see results.

  • Hire Neil to speak


    Do you want Neil to speak at your conference or corporate event? From marketing to entrepreneurship to motivation, Neil can give a customized speech that’ll meet your needs.

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